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We offer three subscription levels for the EH&S Software News. The cost for one year is $125 for individuals, $295 for company-wide use at a single facility, and $495 for company-wide use at multiple facilities. For individual subscriptions, the subscription is the property of the individual subscriber. No one else at his place of employment may access the newsletter using his subscription information. And, if an individual subscriber should leave her current place of employment, the subscription goes with her.

Subscribers receive full access to the current news and archives, as well as an email update that contains the latest headlines. Company-level subscribers may add as many additional recipients to the email update list as they like, provided that each recipient meets the criteria above (i.e., they must be employees of the subscribing company and, for single facility subscribers, they must be located at the subscribing facility).

To Subscribe, select the subscription level below and click on the "Submit" button

Individual subscription ($125/year)
Site subscription ($295/year)
Company subscription ($495/year)

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