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Who can advertise on the EH&S Software News?
Why should I advertise on the EH&S Software News?
Won't I be competing with the news stories?
What are my advertising options?
How much does it cost?
How do I sign up?

Who can advertise on the EH&S Software News?

There are few restrictions on who can advertise on the EH&S Software News. We welcome software developers and distributors, academic institutions, and other organizations related to EH&S software. However, sponsorship is open to just about anyone who feels that their message may benefit from exposure to those interested in environmental, health & safety software. We do reserve the right to exclude those who offer products or services that we feel might be offensive to some, or incompatible/inconsistent with the theme of this site.

Why should I advertise on the EH&S Software News?

Virtually every person who visits the EH&S Software News is interested in EH&S software. If this is your target audience, then the EH&S Software News is the right vehicle for you. Visitors to the site represent Fortune 500 companies, military installations, Department of Energy facilities, state and municipal government agencies, and more than 70 countries.

Won't I be competing with the news stories?

This is the best part. The majority of visitors to the site are not subscribers. They can read the headlines and click on your advertisement, but they cannot read the news articles or click on the links to competing products that are the subject of these articles. So when a visitor is attracted to the site by a story about a new MSDS product, they won't be able to read more about that product without subscribing. But they will be able to click on your advertisement to learn more about your MSDS product.

What are my advertising options?

All advertisements appear on the main page and are included with email updates sent approximately weekly to subscribers. Ads can be graphics, text, or any combination that fits in a 300 pixel by 90 pixel area [for an example, see the ad for the Environmental Software Directory under the "Industry News" column on the main page]. Graphics must be no larger than 25 kb.

How much does it cost?

While all ads are the same size, the cost depends on positioning within the page as described on the image below. To ensure maximum exposure, we limit the number of ads that can appear under each news column to two.

The following prices are effective until further notice. If you choose not to advertise at this time, please check back for the latest price schedule when you are ready to sign up.

1$165 per month (one month minimum)
2$110 per month (one month minimum)
3$82.50 per month (one month minimum)
4$82.50 per month (one month minimum)
5$55 per month (one month minimum)
6$55 per month (one month minimum)
7$33 per month (one month minimum)
8$33 per month (one month minimum)
9$27.50 per month (one month minimum)
10$27.50 per month (one month minimum)

How do I sign up?

The easiest way to sign up is to complete our on-line form. Or you can call us at (804) 224-9427. You'll need to specify method of payment and provide the information you would like for us to include in your listing(s). If you like, we can prepare listings and banners for you for a reasonable additional charge.

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