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Donley Technology has been analyzing and reporting on the environmental, health & safety software industries and market since 1988. The company is a clearinghouse for EH&S software information, with records on more than 4,000 software packages, databases, and on-line systems. Donley Technology's publications and consulting services deliver objective, accurate information to EH&S and IT professionals who use, buy, develop, or market environmental, health, and safety software.

In addition to the EH&S Software News, Donley Technology publishes a series of special reports and directories designed to help those in need of EH&S software find the right product to meet their needs. These include the MSDS Software Report, the EH&S Management Information Systems Report, and the multi-volume Environmental Software Directory. Donley Technology also owns and maintains several related web sites:, Healthcare Freeware, and The Environmental, Health & Safety Software Service, in addition to the company's main web site.

Through these publications and the company's consulting practice, Donley Technology has helped hundreds of industry EH&S and IT professionals find the best software to meet their needs, and helped many of the world's most successful EH&S software companies develop, improve and market their products.

About The EH&S Software News

The EH&S Software News has been published continuously since April of 1988. The original print version was called the Environmental Software Report. This was changed to the EH&S Software News in the fall of 1999 to more accurately describe the industry and market it serves. At the same time we changed the name, the publication became entirely electronic.

The current format was introduced in January of 2006. At that time, we abandoned the traditional "issue" format in favor of a more dynamic and timely system in which we actively search the Internet for news stories on a daily basis. Whenever we find a relevant article which we feel may be of interest to our readers, we post a short preview under the appropriate topic heading, with a hot link to the Web page where the reader may find additional information. Subscribers also receive email updates containing hot links to the articles that have been covered since the last update.

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